Security is always a big challenge of online examination. For many years, this factor cause lots of organization to give up in online test from home while any other obstacle can be solved easily. In fact, verifying and proctoring candidates online previously were considered as impossible.

However, everything changed since major improvements in internet speed as well as video streaming technologies. People now can host online meeting and online training course easily via specific platform and software with our #OnLearny is a clear example. This is also a good news for online exam. If we reverse the design flow of an online classes with some adequate improvements, we may have a decent online proctoring tool for online test and examination.
At Touch Pride, we seriously thought about that. At the early stage, we simplified the design of online proctoring as below picture.

Just talk to us for a demo and a quote. This Online exam will soon available as an extension for your online courses.

After all, we know that everyone will love try sitting in an exam from their own home.

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